Luxury Bedding Sets

Luxury Bedding Sets

Luxury Bedding Sets

Freshen up the style of your bedroom with our luxurious bedding sets collection.  This luxury bedding range is made from super-soft 100% Cotton fabric in a pallette of soft shades.  They will change the statement of your bedroom by adding trend and harmony but also a warmth and softness.  

Make your choice from a variety of styles- cotton, embroidery, mix and matched textures in a soft coloured palette.  Whatever you select, it will be ideal to complement  not only the look of your bedroom interior but will also welcome every new day!

The luxury bedding sets collection is made for you by Ellietex with pleasure, to ensure soft and comfy handle!

Ellietex xx

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Sophisticated 3 Pieces Bedding set, made from soft 100%Cotton Sateen fabric. These linen will definitely add the luxury factor to your home!

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