About us

About us

About us


Our story

It all started with a wedding present.   Whilst shopping and looking for a bed linen wedding present, the founders of Ellietex realised that the market mostly offers plain and somehow boring bedding sets.  Idea was to deliver not just a gift but  also those feelings  of inspiration and romantic.  And the way was ...simply to create them!  A few months later the first Ellietex  bedding collections were launched, with the great  idea to share the beauty of quality and affordable bed linen.  


Our products and style

 Our bed linen are made with high quality 100% Cotton fabric, imported mainly from Turkey.  We offer a range of beautiful designs that will make you happy and relaxed in your bedroom.  We love to create beautiful and unique bedding with bright eye-catching prints and patterns.  We love to mix up  colours and  textures  and  to add lace and embroidery stitches.  However if you love the simplisity we offer elegant plain bedding sets in timeless white, prurple or cream colour tones.  Our Bedding sets combine duvet covers with either flat or fitted sheet and a pair of pillowcases to perfectly decorate your bed and create a stunning look of your bedroom.


 Our team

We are an ever-growing team of experienced staff, most of us with a background in interior design and tailoring industry and we are dedicated to giving our customers the best possible experience.  We would love to help you choose your special product.  If you do not feel satisfied with the look of your bed and bedroom, it is worth having a look at our lovely collections.  You can talk to us using the contacts on the website or through our Facebook or Twitter pages.


        Why are we different

We aim to create playful and unique styles of bed linen so you can really enjoy the look of your bedroom.  Also you could combine the bedding designs with our contemporary wall art with images, inspired by the beauty of nature, universe, animals, love.  We believe that every home is special so you will not find our products on the shelves of store chains, because Ellietex Bedding is specially designed to make your bedroom decor stand out.

Thank you for visiting our website.  We hope you enjoyed it!


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